Many many people are facing a personal inner crisis. This virus and lock down have given us a chance to change our lives, the planet and help the universe. We have an opportunity here to at least change part of our life for the better. Others of us are deeply struggling with so many inner issues.

Along with all of this virus stuff, we have retrograding planets and eclipses to deal with over the next few months.

Our coven member, Bianca is offering a this fantastic personal reading. This will help you understand so much about what is going on with the inner you and why.

It has certainly helped me have a better understanding of who iam ...what i need to do and why.....where do you go from here?


Your Completely Personalised Birth (Natal) Astrology Charts...


My intention with these charts is to delve into and highlight the key astral areas that make you so uniquely who you are. Think of it as you our individual 'astrological blueprints' - or your cosmic genetics.


I examine the placements of major-player planets in your astrological 'Houses', and where these transition through the Zodiac signs and bring to life these key traits within your personality and way of moving through the world; helping you to understand - and most importantly, be totally accepting - of who you are.


These charts should help you to understand who you are, how you feel, communicate, love and value; what comes easily to you, what challenges us - and what your soul work, or life path should be.


Ultimately, reading through your chart should be a fun, interesting, insightful and cathartic experience, helping you to find more self-love, understanding and compassion.


And for that reason, a lot of care goes into creating them.


When I create your chart I look at

  • Your Sun/star sign (who you are), and the House he sits in

  • Your rising sign (how you move through the world)

  • Your moon sign (How you express emotion) and the House she sits in

  • Your Mercury (how you communicate) and the House he sits in

  • Your Venus (how you love and value) and the House she sits in

  • Your path (where your nodes of the moon were facing when you were born) to understand your lessons and path



Leave your email when you order and Your reading will be emailed over to you within a few days.


Di x




please email me with any questions.

PERSONAL astrology reading. who? why? and where do you go from here?

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