MODERN DAY ADVANCED witchcraft course. on line. CERTIFIED. This course is for those who have BEEN WORKING AT WITCHCRAFT  or have been on my other courses and understand the basics.


Learn the power and magick of traditional white witchcraft with a very modern day twist.

This course will advance your level of power and understanding. 

This is a practical course where not only will I share many more secrets but plenty of tried and tested rituals and castings.

1. 6 to 8 weeks  of my personal coaching and training. Including a weekly email chat on progress and a question and answer time.

(with lots of notes, charts and printable information. Comes with diagrams and helpful tips)

2. working with sacred sigils and symbols.

3. voodoo magick and it power. Only white voodoo and poppet dalls. learn how and why to make them to use in white witchcraft. 

4. Shape shifting...learn the secrets from natives and how to use it yourself.

5. modern day feng shui and its importance in your life and the craft.

I will regularly evaluate your work and set you small projects.

Each person is an individual so I tailor my courses to suit each person.


At the end of the course we will have a telephone conversation about your learning and understanding and where you can go from here.

This course is certified and you will receive a certificate from the Coven to say you have passed.



please email any questions to


You will need to provide some ingredients and equipment;

However the idea of a modern day witch is the same as an ancient one....use what you have and collect from nature. 

Note book.


clay or fabrics to make a poppet doll.


A cauldron or cooking pot is good...but I just use a dedicated pan.



If you have completed all your projects successfully I will issue you with a Certificate from the Trulymagick school of witchcraft..sealed and signed by coven members.


You will need a note book to write in your thoughts and learning as you will be issued with plenty of knowledge from spirit. This could be the start of a book of shadows and I will want to see photos of your work.


You will learn to make 3rd eye opening

money how to live a life of ABUNDANCE.

Healing and love spells

Success and luck abundance 


You will learn about  spells and general witchcraft.



Di x


ON line witchcraft ADVANCED Coaching and training~ 6-8 weeks module w

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