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NATURAL ORGANIC ROSE PETAL TEA . Can be used in my love spell elixir, cooking or drunk as a tea.


1.25gram bag and cotton 4 x tea bags


love potion. ( read my blog on autumn money and love spells )


Go out an enjoy picking some fresh ripe blackberries. ( or buy some rasberries )


You only need a handful to make this potent Love potion

1 Apple
I teaspoon of sugar 
A tiny pinch of cinnamon.
Spell cast edible rose petals.

You are going to make a powerful blackberry and apple Love potion that can be used in many ways. My favourite and family special is to add to gin in a cocktail of passion.

But you can use this potion in many other ways.  Pour over ice cream or a chocolate pudding. It's an excellent way to get a love spell potion into an unsuspecting target.

How to make:

Peel and chop the Apple. 
Add to a saucepan along with the blackberries and sugar.
Add some water or apple juice with a pinch of cinnamon.

Stir in the spell and repeat 3 x times.

" It's not the potion I set on fire..

but the heart of the one that I desire.

Let them drink this elixir of Love

which is blessed by powers from above.”



Simmer on a low heat until soft. And visualise pink rainbow light going into the potion.

Ask the power of Venus to bring you good strong love and Black Raven to protect your Love.



Please email me for more infomation.

Natural organic ROSE PETAL TEA~ love potion~ COOKING & POTIONS

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