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Royal Dragon money ring~ jinn ring.


Money ABUNDANCE, wealth & good fortune jinn entity ring using DRAGON ENERGIES.

COMES WITH MONEY Ritual kit. This is a rainbow ring of fortune...symbolic of finding the gold at the bottom of the rainbow


Spell cast with wealth, abundance and good fortune. FULL MOON blessed by the Coven then spell cast.

White gold plate and rainbow topaz spell cast ring.


size 6



Oh glorious Dragon of power by night

Bring your gifts by this moon light

May you bring me wealth and guard my gold
May you banish poverty till I grow old.
May this money dragon grant my inner desire
& protect all that will & can transpire
May Dragon Spirits 
give me power & merits
May Dragon of moon

Give me these wishes quite soon

And with love and light I forever walk protected.


He is a beautiful TINY creature of outstanding power. He will share all Dragon wisdom and bestow great gifts.





In Pagan times before the beginning of Christianity, dragons were know for their magic abilities and very much revered & respected as powerful creatures that were as natural to the world as the trees to soil. However after the arrival of Christianity dragons were to be cast in a different light. They became a symbol of trouble, strife and many stories were passed down the generations  telling of the danger and evilness of such creatures. Priests began to use the dragon as a symbol of evil and the Devil.

Master Stoorworm is one of the most prominent dragons in Celtic mythology. He was described as a gigantic sea serpent who always ate too much and every morning he would give out a 7 huge yawns. This annoyed the people of the Town and they soon became tired of this bad behaviour as his tongue would dart out at each yawn and snatch up seven random things from the town. A meeting was held and it was decided that anyone who could slay the dragon would get to marry the king’s daughter. A group of young brave men came forward to try, but were frightened away by the power of Master Stoorworm

In Pagan times during the reign of King Arthur is it well documented that Merlin the Wizard had 2 Dragons on hand to summon when he needed. Although a great Wizard himself he used the powers of his Ice and Fire dragons to give extra power to his magic.

Dragons are often depicted in Celtic artwork. They are very often drawn as beautiful coloured creatures with their tails in their mouths. This symbolizes & represents the cycle of nature in the world and immortality, rather like the symbol of a figure of 8 in other cultures. The dragon is usually twisted upon itself, with tails ears and body parts weaving in and out other parts, much like twisted knot work or basket weaving . The appeal of this art remains strong to this day and has been seen widely throughout the world.






Moon Dragon djinn Money moon Dragon ring to bring abundance

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