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Here I offer this gorgeous magical ring, which holds an incredibly powerful and very rare entity, a powerful Celtic Black Dragon Prince. This extraordinary royal Dragon was bound by an ancient Druid during our FULL MOON RITUAL & Moon blessing. He is a powerful and unique creature, perfect for both experienced and novice Keepers.
Ancient Druids are very skilled at bonding Dragons, a Royal Dragon takes tremendous Energy and skill to bond making this a powerful piece.

This Celtic BLACK Dragon is an astral creature, a living entity who is the perfect EXAMPLE of light white energy. He is a tiny creature with a muscular body and magnificent wingspan, and his coloration ranges from soft dark grey to one as dark as the night skies. He has a mystical appearance, and his fangs are long and poisonous. Despite his intimidating appearance, this Celtic black Dragon is extremely kind toward his Keeper and all those who are part of his Keeper's family, whether human, animal or spiritual entity, and he is a creature who tends to make friends and form close bonds with all those who are important to the life of his Keeper.

This ROYAL Black Dragon is a wonderful entity for protective magick, his sharp claws and teeth are enough to deter nearly all types of spiritual attack. He is a ferocious fighter, and he will offer his Keeper protection from both psychic and physical harm.

In addition to his obvious protection skills, this Dragon has another, much more potent gift....he can become invisible making him himself disappear in the wink of an eye. This can benefit yourself if you need to dodge someone of become unnoticed. He is also small enough to sit in your hand and spit fire at your enemies.

He is a Royal spirit of Avolon and he can bridge the gap between our world and the spirit kingdom with grace and ease, offering his Keeper an easier transition to the astral realm. He will show you his magical world of Avolon and take you on a journey of self discovery, as well as helping enhance communications with both those who have passed on and other types of spiritual and astral entities. He is also an incredibly magickal creature who can add powerful and potent energy to all spell castings and enchantments. He will even perform some magickal workings on his Keeper's behalf. He is kind and loyal in spite of his royal birth, he will form a close bond with his human Keepers and is suitable for experienced or beginners of enchanted items.

This amazing little creature can bring his Keeper a host of gifts, including some that are inherent to many of the dragon cultures such as:

Bringing Good Luck and Good Fortune to his Keeper, Powerful Protective Magick, both Physical and Spiritual, Wealth Accumulation, "Treasure" for his Keeper, Adding Energy to Magickal Workings, Assistance Communicating with Spirits and Entities, Casting Spells or Calling Spirits to Act on the Keeper's Behalf

This entity will be a powerful and steadfast companion, and will bring many blessings into the life of his new Keeper and family.

Vessel Details:

His name is: Prince Gorrick the mighty of Avolon


You do not have to wear this piece to summon the entity, but I do recommend some skin contact each day for proper bonding to occur.


Marid Royal dragon entity RING of powerful sacres symbobs

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