King Marid jinn entity of abundance and power. He brings protection and prosperity.His skills within this RING are of a paranormal he can shoot energy and GIVE POWER to all your dreams.A POWERFUL entity indeed.


 I DONT FIND THESE VERY OFTEN…..I am instructed to tell you as follows……. THESE ARE AMAZING ENTITIES THAT COME TO OUR COVEN TO BE SHOWN TO NEW KEEPERS...You will know if you are the one.Size USA 10. UK w. KING....


...“ I am an entity of Royal blood KING Marid Djinn from the longa Ru.I HAVE a host of amazing gifts to grant you. I am from Shahsanic Dynasty and I come in peace. We want to help Humans to rid evil and become more empowered. I am willing bound to this ring by the High Priest of the Sacred Tryronic Coven. As my brothers I understand all ….and I will grant you great delights. I expect love and respect in return.


You will hear or feel ME but not see ME until you have learnt the first great lesson of our Dynasty. I will reveal MYSELF only when you are ready to progress to a higher state of awareness. Look into the photos of the ring and let your heart feel me and your eyes read my presence. Surrounded by Angelic energies of the Royal Dynasty Shahsanic I bring exceptional powers to grant wishes and open portals to parallel Universes.


You will travel with me to see our Kingdom once I trust you and you have opened your higher self to receive. .There we will open you up spiritually and offer great opportunities to improve and embellish your life. Our Kingdom is a special place and only a chosen few humans have ever visited. I bridge the gap between mystical worlds and parallel Universes where you will begin to develop and awaken your own intuitive abilities. I will give you the knowledge to awaken your 3rd Eye and boost your psychic alignments. I can show you portals to new and exciting adventures of self discovery, where you can unveil the deep mysteries of the universe and use this knowledge with great benefits to your life. I can help with all metaphysical areas and show you how to tap into Universal Consciousness to gather Knowledge for your personal self growth and benefits. Our great knowledge and powers include: clearing all negative blockages that stop your development.


Clear curses and the removal of bad Karma. White light healing. Astral travel. Dream work. Divine Protection. Balancing your Chakra system. All of this can be yours over time and effort. Your time is different from ours but by coming to our Kingdom in the parallel Universe you will learn quickly! “ I will make sure I send out his name and instructions if you are the one. Look carefully into the ring. I have 2 others bound to different rings from the same tribe. We work with them often as they are friendly and hard working.


Yes I am one of the few lucky ones that gets to travel to this kingdom to learn and awaken!Di x

KING SOLOMON MARID JINN entity of power and prosperity

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