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This witchcraft course is CERTIFIED )0(


one full day in Suffolk at my witchcraft cottage. 

Learn how to become a proper MAGICAL white witch and create a powerful and protected enchanted life.

Learn how to cast powerful spells with fire and smoke, properly. I will also give you the secret sacred SOLOMON SIGILS AND SYMBOLS that WILL empower your spell work. £200 worth of handmade customs items such a wand , book of shadows alchemy tools, candles , spell sticks, herbs, talisman and more.

Also 6 months of my personal coaching in an advanced witchcraft course. online.

Start with a full one day course at my home .

There is so much I can teach you your life will change for the better. I will tailor the day around your needs and wishes whether you are a complete beginner or more advanced.



Modern-day witchcraft is a lifestyle that many people are turning to especially youngsters who feel lost and misunderstood. In the UK, USA and Canada is almost an epidemic as the millenniums turn away from organized religions and become part of the witch world as wiccans, druids Pagans, sorcerers, wizards and crones. Being a modern day witch isn't just about collecting a few crystals, oh no...its so so much more !!!

Its a powerful way of life when you take the leap and find the courage to honour your true self. Witchcraft is about empowering yourself...finding and honouring yourself...then you can go on and help others, help the planet, world, humanity and the universe.

By empowering YOU...and by feeding your soul... you will live a beautiful, happy and joyous life.


In my learn will learn so much about the craft from inner soul work, healing to practical work shops on spell casting, performing rituals, circle casting, sacred symbols, witchcraft tools, and of course the secrets of performing powerful spells with fire and smoke.

You will learn the art of making spell candles, amulets, wands, working with pendulums, and any subjects that you are particularity interested in.

We will cover most of the practical arts in the one day session and follow up over 6 months with a variety of modules to complete the course. These one day courses include a host of information & also a pile of special gifts to set you on your way.


I include a special handmade wand which is made and blessed just for you....I will taech you the correct way to use a wand and cast sacred  circles.


I also come with a vintage book of shadows for you to work with. A host of candles, spell sticks room sprays and sacred oils.


1 day course on how to become a witch and live your true path.


This course is then followed up with 6 months online coaching and practical homework on various witchcraft methods. I can tailor your course to fit in with your need and time scale.


The 1 day course can be held at my Sacred Cottage in Suffolk where I will provide all that you need and a magical lunch..


Or I can come to your home where I can ALSO set up and sanctify your altar, REMOVE any negative energies, as well as all the coaching included in the course.


The days course will include practical workshops and topic discussions. I will show you how to cast successful spells, write powerful rituals and perform them using your own talents which I will draw out of you...(finding your inner goddess)

It may be that you are very musical...or love dance....if so then I can teach you how to incorporate these talents and skills into your witchcraft.

The day can be tailored to your own preferences and style of learning. I will help you start up your own powerful book of shadows and help you make wands, candles, cauldrons, circle casting. Alchemy secrets, herb growing and provide much of what you will need to start you on a divine road to success and empowerment.

This course is perfect for any level from beginners or those who want to go professional.

(I do have a GO PRO course which includes all you need to know about selling your items and creating successful produce to sell, setting up on line, packaging and much more)


Whether you want to be a City witch, Hedgerow witch, a Sea witch or a Woodland witch the choice is yours and I will help you to facilitate your dreams. I can perform an inauguration ritual so you become a fully fledged witch with a certificate of initiation.


We will find your witch name if you don’t have one and design you a path to follow with plenty of projects and all with my help and back up.

If I come to your home I will show you how to clear your home of negativity and how to set up permanent proper protection. With these rituals you will feel elated and protected from hexes to bad vampires.



Price includes; one full day of coaching one to one with myself.

6 months follow up coaching and modules with projects and homework.

How to create your book of shadows.

Empowering yourself.


I will include spell making and recipes with plenty of printed notes and handouts.

Ceremonial ritual teaching, circle casting, making witchcraft tools. Alchemy, coaching and meditation techniques.

Altar building and of course initiation into the craft. I will include over £ 150 worth of sacred items such as a book of shadows, altar spray, sacred water and body oils, wand and more.


Price £495. at my home in Suffolk. 10 am to 5 pm with lunch and a special cooking session on putting magick into foods.


contact me for overnight arrangements and travel. I am happy to collect you from the nearest train station. We can make the times flexible.




A £150 deposit is required to secure a date of your choice. The final balance must be paid before or on the day. MONTHY Layaway payments are possible.

I am happy to travel anywhere in the UK but courses beyond the UK shoreline will incur other costs. Such as travel and accommodation.


I WILL PROVIDE much of the items you will be needing however on the 2nd option at your home there will be a list of items you will need such as old jam jars pens and paper, but I will send you a list after booking.




Blessings Di x





  • I use Royal mail TRACKED AND SIGNED due to the value of my items.I am experienced in shipping to the US ,Canada, JAPAN, Russia and the EU.For Australian customers please contact before you order.I don't charge for additional items!! :)