MODERN DAY witchcraft course. on line FOR BEGINNERS , STEP BY STEP GUIDES ON WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT. How to learn to live like a modern day witch . Help your life's journey to improve and gain what you truly desire.


1. One month of my personal coaching and training. Including a weekly email chat on progress and a question and answer time.

( with lots of notes , charts and printable information . Comes with diagrams and helpful tips )

2. Course notes and recipes on love and money spells

3. How to cast spells and bring abundance by making spell candles 

4, love potions, money potions, success and weight loss recipes

5, I will tailor the course to your own wishes and include exclusive access to many secret rituals .

6, learn about a book of shadows and create your own.

I will regularly evaluate your work and set you small projects.

Each person is an individual so I tailor my courses to suit each person.


At the end of the 4 weeks we will have a telephone conversation about your learning and understanding and where you can go from here.


please email any questions to


You will need to provide some ingredients and equipment;

However the idea of a modern day witch is the same as a ancient one....use what you have and collect from nature. 

Old jars .

Collect rain water.

Distilled water,

Rose petals

Herbs, Honey , Almond oil, Spices.

These are just a few examples. A couldron or cooking pot is good ...but I just use a dedicated pan.



If you have completed all your projects successfully I will issue you with a Certificate from the Trulymagick school of witchcraft..sealed and signed by coven members.


You will need a note book to write in your thoughts and learning as you will be issued with plenty of knowledge from spirit. This could be the start of a book of shadows and I will want to see photos of your work.


You will learn to make 3rd eye opening

money how to live a life of ABUNDANCE.

Healing and love spells

Success and luck abundance 


You will learn about  spells and general witchcraft.



Collect jam jars now and you can buy the odd thing from me but you can easily find most items from the local shops.


Di x

For beginners ON line LEARN THE POWER OF WITCH Coaching and training~

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