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 I can not be held to account over the powers of this amazing ring. He is a powerful entity but with good intent. You may feel dissy when holding this ring . You can also expect many magical things to happen in your favour.........

layaway payments possible.


DRUID ROYAL king entity RING abeautiful old green stone with garnets . said to have come from the roots of an acient Oak tree. #druid #jinn

RARE & UNIQUE COVEN OWNED. A POWERFUL AMULET WITH HOLY  green glass cabochon and garnets.

DRUID ROYAL  RING King  of abundance and Success.

Druid king

RARE &  ancient ...COVEN OWNED. A POWERFUL AMULET in Brass with a sacred glass from the Holyland and garnet gemstone .

An ancient ring ( post medieval ).


pre owned & Coven used.

Unlimited energies & powers are on offer here to the rare person who will be chosen.He is a DRUID KING of PROSPERITY and power and his Kingdom is of the highest realm. He is extremely old & rare and has much to share with his new keeper You will be chosen. look at the pictures and you will know you are the one.

Druid king Taliesin of Avolon T

Druids in Myth and Legend. The Druids' powerful central role in religion and society helped earn them a place in mythology. It was believed that the Druids had strange and magical powers and could foretell the future. Some reports described how the Druids would stab some of their sacrificial victims and look for omens by observing the flow of blood or examining the victims' insides. It was also said that the Druids used human sacrifice and magic rituals as a means of controlling supernatural forces and ensuring  success & PROSPERITY

In early Celtic literature, Druids were frequently represented as prophets and magicians as well as influential royal advisers. Some accounts told how Druids could read minds and predict future events, while a few went even farther, characterizing Druids as "shape-shifters" who could take the form of birds or women. Some stories described the Druids as using their magic for evil, for example, turning people into animals.

Throughout the myths, Druids used their powers of prophecy and magic both for good and for evil.

 I will send out more details with this amazing rring.


DRUID ENTITY RING King Merlin of abundance and Success

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