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Title The CRAZY Hare ; water colour on cold press #haremagick #hareart #abstractart


In the black furrow of a field

I saw an old witch-hare this night;

And she cocked her lissome ear,

And she eyed the moon so bright,

And she nibbled o' the green;

And I whispered 'Whsst! Witch-hare,'

Away like a ghostie o'er the field She fled,

and left the moonlight there.


Walter de la Mare.


I regard myself extremely lucky to live in the wilds of Suffolk. Not only do we have beautiful beaches, but soft rolling undulating landscape. On a cold frosty morning, when out walking my dog Mr Bo Jangels. The sky was blue, yet everything was kisses with white sparkly frost. I came across a majestic hare in amongst the frozen bracken. We exchanged glances for all but a split of a second … that was enough for me to fall under the spell of the Hare's magick.



And so I started to paint...and paint as a mad March hare. I sculpt and scribble, splash and sprinkle the magick of that MYSTICAL creature.


Sadly in decline, I will try to honour this legendary animal who seems to have the ability to shape shift into thin air. Far from rare in folklore & mythology, this exceptional creature is visible in pretty much every culture with huge mystical significance.


linking them to the moon, fertility, long life, craziness and sometimes trickery.

The hare's connection with the moon is easy to see on nights when the full moon is in the sky. If you look carefully, you can see the outline of a hare quite clearly on the moons surface.

In African mythology, the hare is a friend of the moon. Also in many folk tales from this continent, he is also a trickster who loves to make fools of people.

The Egyptian god Osiris was sometimes depicted with the head of a hare... the hare represented the force of life.

In ancient China, the hare was also associated with the moon and thought to mix an elixir of immortality.

In the Indian sub-continent, both Hindus and Buddhists associate the hare with the moon & moon magick.

The hare appears in Celtic legends also.

The warrior Oisin wounded a hare in the leg when he was hunting. He tracked the bleeding hare to a door in the earth. Then on entering this door, Oisin found himself underground in tunnels that led to a marvellous hall. There he saw a beautiful young woman on a throne...her leg was wounded, and she was bleeding.


In Roman mythology, the hare was a symbol of fertility and sex, and was associated with the goddess VENUS.


The Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring EOSTRE, has a particular connection with hares. One legend says that Eostre found a wounded bird in the snow. Wanting to help she transformed it into a hare so that he could

survive the winter. In the spring the hare laid a clutch of eggs, showing that it was still a bird at heart. The hare

Left these eggs as gift for Eostre. Could this tale is the origin of Easter eggs and the Easter bunny?


I shall continue to honour this magical creature ...thank you for your support.



Finished art work  18 x 32  mounted in white card ready to frame 26 x 40 cms




bright blessings Di x

CRAZY HARE painting~art~ PAGAN ART~ Hare water colour

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