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Another of my truly special entity rings. This is a male guide of enlightenment.
On offer here is a vintage High Priest entity ring. Given to me again when I was a young witch to help my magic and spiritual learning. This ring comes with an abundance of offerings and a huge amount of enlightenment. Amethyst  is a very powerful and high vibrating stone. this is a large good quality stone. You will be drawn to this so follow your heart and read below very carefully. LOVE SPELL AND MONEY SPELL CASTING IS HIS EXPERTISE. It will also come with 4 x 1 hour witchcraft empowering coaching sessions or 4 monthly full moon spell castings of your choice.. The entity within this ring is of the highest spiritual level and will be your guide , guru ...protector and spell caster until it becomes time for you to pass on this sacred magick.I am sad to let him go but as I have told many of you I need to share my wisdom and magick so we can progress this world to a better place. If we as humans start to really heal ourselves then our lives will greatly improve. I am lucky ...so lucky to now live an enriched life......time for you to progress also. SAD TO PART with him but happy to help the next generation of white witches enhance their worlds...& the worlds of others... just as I have done. Travel to magical and sacred Kingdoms to learn the way of the Craft. Explore parallel worlds to gain great knowledge just as a few chosen ones have before . I will be offering more of my alchemy vessels ..and a few from the coven will be putting forward some of their alchemy vessels for sale too. You will receive the name of the High priest and all his details. no bonding is required as you have been chosen. full back up and support from me is available. This ring must never be sized !!  It is size usa 6. uk N its solid silver .Metaphysical Properties. Quartz is said to help structure, focus and amplify thoughts and information. It is also thought to transmit energy. ... For those who use crystals for healing, lemon quartz eases food and nicotine cravings, helps with diabetes and encourages healthy recovery after illness or surgery. 
This crystal is uplifting, cleansing and sunny. It is a stone of abundance much like citrine.
This is a powerful stone that is often overlooked. It is higher vibrational and never needs cleansing since it self-cleanses.Note: Some people find the energy too "high"  or invigorating. Don't force yourself to use this stone if you do not feel comfortable with its energy.It is associated with mental activity of all kinds, clarity of mind and can help bring decision making to the fore. Carry during a job interview or exam.Like citrine, this is a stone of Abundance. Its more refined and higher in vibration than citrine, it really packs a punch since it is also such a cleansing stone. Further, this is an all round stone for Good Luck and is said to encourage fortune to flow into your life.
Blessings :)

Vintage entity ring of a High PRIEST. My personal training ring comes with coach

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