A VERY RARE & sacred Gateway Vessel.


MAGICK RING...FAIRY PRINCESS Amulet OF SUCCESS & ENDLESS OPPURTUNITIES. A gateway ring to new universes and worlds of the fairies.


Solid 925 OXIDISED silver with Mystique sapphire. Look carefully into the eye stone and you will see much. Its a gateway to lead you into the age of Aquarius. Princess Queen of Fairies is a legend.


This Princess is more beautiful and alluring than THE Northern lights and she can capture moonlight more powerful than the midday sun.


She was summoned and bonded in a beautiful candle lit ceremony held by a great Shaman named Alumon of Aire. He is a human Wizard with much experience at summoning this type of mystical FAIRY ENTITY.


She is a friendly princess despite her beauty and royal lineage. She is dark and mysterious....quiet different from others I have had from this tribe.


This tribe is HIGHLY ADVANCED and She has access to the hidden royal ENERGIES of love and abundance. She can help bring great improvements to your financial situation if you take the time to listen and bond.


Look carefully and feel your heart...is she talking to you? If so than you are destined to be her new keeper. She is called Princess Scarbbra (meaning of wisdom and light)


Lay- away payments available :)


Please email any questions :))Enjoy...Di 

Gateway ring of power. Fairy entity. sacred vessel eye ring

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