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Druid owned & Coven used. Very old brass ring Post medieval. The stone is carnealian.


Size uk U usa 10.




Unlimited energies & powers are on offer here to the rare person who will be chosen. You will know who you are . will be drawn in and feel it in your heart.



You will have a strong connection to this amulet .You will feel elated as you look at the image and have the feeling that you have owned this ring in another life. It will pull you in and be with you in your dreams.


He is a WARRIOR of the night and his Kingdom is of the Emerald mountains. He is extremely old and has much to share with his new keeper . It feels wonderful on and you can feel your heart pound when you hold it.


ABOUT THE LEGEND OF JINN PHOENIX The fire bird of Solomon.Symbolic of Success, Luck and Blessings a Djinn ring from Shaherrazard Powerful MALE phoenix Marid Genie of the Royal line of Akbardom This amazing ring contains the energy of a wish granting Celestial Marid Djinn from a Royal lineage of Genies. Conjured by the ancient Elder from the Circle of the Shaherrazard. This powerful Djinn Prince will willing bond with your own frequencies allowing you to develop the life and successes you have always wanted!


The legend of the Phoenix a FIRE BIRD OF SOLOMON;


He BRINGS great empowerment to you, that will lead you to discover a new heightened sense of Self....and the Universe. He will bridge the gap between mystical worlds and parallel Universes where you will begin to develop and awaken your own intuitive abilities. You will gain the knowledge to awaken your 3rd Eye and boost your psychic alignments. He will show you portals to new and exciting adventures of self discovery , where you can unveil the deep mysteries of the universe and use this knowledge with great benefits to your life.


He can help with all metaphysical areas and show you how to tap into Universal Consciousness to gather Knowledge for your personal self growth and benefits. He also brings a wealth of treasures from his Realm and will be a loyal and trusty friend. Despite his royal ancestry and his great powers he is friendly and loving to his Keeper. He will grant wishes and cast spells on your behalf. He will use his great understanding of magick to bestow as much success, luck and blessings upon you. His great knowledge and powers include : clearing all negative blockages that stop your development. Clear curses and the removal of bad Karma.


His sacred SYMBOLS will assist you on OBTAINING the Success, Wealth & Abundance you desire.


Di x


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