Celtic entity ring of magick. Goddess of blue light. She is a spell caster and magick maker.


Vintage solid 9ct gold with a beautiful moonstone and white sapphires.fully hall marked


 Haunted by Deirdre the Golden haired Goddess. She has many gifts to offer her Keeper.


She is a powerful and beautiful spirirt who will guide you in your struggles on lifes journey. She will conect with you and you will fel her in your heart as you look into the photos.


Size 7....can be sized as solid Gold. 


Legend of This amazing Goddess;


Deirdre of the Golden Hair was a beautiful goddess from Tír na nÓg, the land of eternal youth. She had great magick and lured Oisín, son of the warrior Finn McCumhaill, away to marry her. He promised his father he would return after 3 years. Three years passed happily in Tír na nÓg, so Deirdre consented to let him go back for a short time to visit his Father.She gave him her magical horse to ride. He could not be killed and his hooves never touched the ground, to hasten safe travel on his journey. However Deirdre warned him never to dismount...no matter what.When Oisín returned to Ireland he discovered he had been away not three years, but three hundred and that his father was only remembered as a legend. He fell from the horse in dismay and instantly became an old man.Deirdre, having given birth to their son in his absense, came to search for him.

When she arrived learned that he had died of old age.


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