SOLOMON ROYAL DRAGON Marid of success luck & abundance. ~ #jinn#djinn#entity #jinnring #spiritguide
Made of SOLD VINTAGE silver with wonderful sacred energy.
His name is King Waldan, he is of the Marid Tribe.
Unlimited energies & powers are on offer here to the new keeper. You will have a strong connection to this amulet. You will feel elated as you look at stone and have the feeling that you must owned this ring. It will pull you in and be with you in your dreams. He is KING OF POWER. His Kingdom is that of Solomon. He is extremely old and has much to share with her new keeper will feel your heart pound when you hold it. Owned and used by our coven so this RARE entity vessel is known to be successful in bringing gifts and great treasures. I HAVE HAD IS QUEEN on here and they are full trust worthy.
Here we offer a Powerful entity of Royal blood. An entity that can be both male and female. As a male he will show himself to you only and you will feel his energy. Then he will bring gifts of wealth and abundance. You will not be able to stop thinking of him as he draws you in. As a female you will begin to resonate at her vibrational frequency and eventually deeply connect as many of us have experienced over the centuries. She will bless love and luck onto you.
Djinn are Spiritual beings of intense energy that has been skilfully manifested into form. They represent the 4 elements of life. Earth, Air, Fire and Water. We at our Coven collectively channel & manifest only the most powerful and good Jinn through Ancient & natural summoning rituals. The 4 main elements are used to summon... fire, water, air & earth. Each of these elements are broken down into four types of jinn.The Marid djinn represent water,Ifrit represent fire,Jann represent earth,and the Shaitan represent air.
Djinn are usually invisible beings but can take different forms by shape shifting into (plants, insect, animal or anthropomorphic) They have a capacity for mental, physical and spiritual influence on mankind.
Possessing a Djinn is a very privileged and fortunate experience. Please remember that there is no good or bad energy, only good or bad intent. This energy is protective by nature and will not take kindly to demands that will cause harm to you or others. 
Please always be kind and respectful of your Djinn and you shall in return, be blessed more than you ever thought possible. You need to work with the entities for other dimensions and ask them kindly to help in your life.
A beautiful, energetic and truly magical item!Can be worn or carried with you to experience the energies.It is common to feel warmth, heat, tingling, vibrations, and other sensations while wearing it. It is also common to feel his presence as a warm breeze, moisture, lights, flashes, beams and auras. You may hear whispers, or other sounds. Simply open your mind and you will reap the benefits!
This Djinn can make himself visible to our senses, as long as we try to open up our minds and use the ancient hidden skills within our soul. (IN OTHER WORDS USE MORE THAN 10% of our brain and we will become empowered)
We also know that, & begin to understand quantum physics which has overturned the previously established classical physics. Thanks to Stephen Hawking and many others we are beginning to open up to endless possibilities.
Rationally...if you cant see it....its dose not mean its not there!!! 
The world of Djinns

What is invisible is not necessarily absentThe fact that we can not ALL see the jinn does not mean they are not there with us. Such is the opinion of the materialists of our era and those who followed their footsteps. For example, how often have you SEEN things, that our minds can not explain but whose effects are felt? While the examples are many and varied..just stick to air, oxygen, gravity & electricity for the moment.
Di x

ANCIENT DRAGON king of luck & success Jinn ~ pendant

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