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Introducing the Galactic Masters Amulet: A Portal to Ancient Vampire Kingdom Magick.

Learn and unlock the secrets of ancient vampire kingdoms with our exquisite Brass and LAPIS LAZULI AMULET, intricately carved with a symbolic bee-type flying insect. Delve into the mysteries of the insect world, a portal to other universes, and a powerful symbol of Galetic realms with the ability to shapeshift.


**Features of the Alien Gateway Amulet:**


- **Ancient Magick Spells:** Imbued with the ancient magick spells of the vampire kingdoms, this amulet carries the essence of timeless wisdom and supernatural power.

- **Galetic Symbolism:** The bee-type flying insect serves as a symbolic gateway to Galetic worlds, offering you access to higher vibrations and the transformative power to shapeshift your reality.

- **Galactic Masters Connection:** This amulet is not just an accessory; it is a portal to the Galactic Masters—a rare and special type of djinn. Elevate your personal vibration to connect with these enlightened beings and harness their support in your journey of enlightenment.


**The Power of the Galactic Masters:**


- **Alien Gateway:** Step through an Alien Gateway to access a higher vibration of the Galactic Masters. This amulet serves as a conduit to their transformative energies, offering you a direct link to their celestial wisdom and power.

- **Transformational Light Energy:** The Galactic Masters, in their various shapes, step forward to support Earth during this exciting time of enlightenment. Feel the transformative light energy they bring, guiding you to cope with new energy fields and aligning you with the Universal energy shifts on Earth.


- **Gifts and Opportunities:**


Embrace the great gifts and opportunities the Galactic Masters bestow upon you. Open up your light channels and integrate with ease into the intensity of the Universal energy shifts. Navigate the changing tides with their guidance, ensuring success, pleasure, protection, and fortitude on your life path.


**Coven Owned and Cast Vessel:**


This amulet is a coven-owned and cast vessel, ensuring its authenticity and the potent energies it carries. As the Earth shifts, let this entity guide you through the transitions, bringing luck, positivity, and protection into your life.


**Personalized Connection:**


Upon purchase, the name and details of this rare and special djinn will be sent to you, solidifying the personal connection between you and the Galactic Masters Amulet. Seize this unique opportunity to align yourself with ancient magick and cosmic energies.


Full details will be sent out with every vessel and you can always find me at Trulymagick.

I will give full email support if needed and I have forum at Trulymagick where you can find out more about keeping entities.

ALIEN Vampire witchcraft vessel GATEWAY RING Galactic Masters * portal

  • I use Royal mail TRACKED AND SIGNED due to the value of my items.I am experienced in shipping to the US ,Canada, JAPAN, Russia and the EU.For Australian customers please contact before you order.I don't charge for additional items!! :)

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