Solid 927 silver with garnet and fluorite  crystals. Coral design handmade

From the dark depths of the Aegean seas I offer this magical and mysterious Mermaid Princess.

Legend Says this Princess is more beautiful and alluring than a diamond shinning in moonlight More powerful than the midday sun beating on the dessert sand. .More sacred than the spirit Kingdom of the Emerald SEAS.

This unique and astounding entity is centuries old and comes from a parallel kingdom of ancient magick and mystery.

She was summoned and bonded in a beautiful candle lit ceremony held by a great Shaman named Alumon of Aire. He is a human Wizard with much experience at summoning this type of mystical ENTITY.
She is a friendly princess despite her beauty and royal lineage. She is dark and mysterious....quiet different from others I have had from this tribe.

This tribe is musical and love to sing and play on their coral tuberlas (instrument ).


She is called Princess Rada (meaning of Pearl and sand )


She is a pleasure to have around your home as she signs her magical songs. She understand humans and their need to be loved. She has access to the hidden royal pearls of love which contain the secrets of finding true love. Hidden by the Pirates of the Aegean after they raided the treasure of Cleopatra and Mark Anthony.
She brings to her new Keeper a host of abundance and knowledge. She will share with you her skills and abilities in creating the ultimate love you have so long desired.

She will also be able guide you to find abundance in all aspects of your life. She can help bring great improvements to your financial situation if you take the time to listen and bond.

Look carefully and feel your heart...is she talking to you? If so than you are destined to be her new keeper.

She is called Princess Rada (meaning of Pearl and sand )


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Abundance ENTITY Ceremonial MERMAID ring of power

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